Trucking Risk & Insurance Podcast

Calling all trucker heroes and insurance wranglers! Buckle up for another wild ride with the Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast. Two grey-bearded safety guys take their irreverent look at the trucking pitfalls, risks, and the trouble with trucking insurance. They invite the trucking elite on the show to discuss.

This week, John Farquhar, the Summit Risk Solutions, and Chris Harris, the Safety Dawg with more bite than bark, are swerving past potholes of peril to deliver the straight goods on keeping your rig safe and your insurance rates lower than a limbo dancer in flip-flops. We’ll be dodging disasters, dissecting dispatches, and dishing out tips hotter than fresh asphalt. So, grab a lukewarm cup of joe, crank up the air horn of knowledge, and get ready to navigate the trucking terrain with laughter and a whole lot of “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” stories. It’s the Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast – spilling the beans on safety and savings, one mile at a time.

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